Shtuff IX

sign in local antique shop

sign in local antique shop


Fall has been beautiful. The temperature has been perfect.


Our one and only tree.


Still have pieces for two baby quilts up on the design wall.


But, I need to get this quilting done for my sister by Thanksgiving. She’s giving it to someone for a retirement gift.


We had more trick-or-treaters this year. Must have been the nice weather.

a house in our neighborhood

a house in our neighborhood

Holly was scared.


I go away for a weekend and this is what happens in my sewing room.


Hubby was working on the window and discovered a leak above the sewing machine. All better now.

Was looking through a cabinet and found these piggies my son made years ago. *sniff, sniff* Memories.



Mikey was teasing me one morning about leaving drawers slightly open. Got him back! Look what I found in his workshop.


Once my sewing table was put back where it was, I was quilting at the quilt machine and spontaneously decided to make curtains for my kitchen.


Finally, last weekend went to the Iowa Sculpture and Fine Arts Festival and bought a little piece of art at the silent auction.

Holly approved.

Holly approved.