Playing in Green II

Got out into the spring air Saturday and prepped the gardens. Today is mostly sunny and very windy. Tomorrow and Wednesday are expected to be stormy, so I planted spinach, lettuce, and radishes this morning. I’m not a serious gardener. Mostly, I just stick seeds and plants in the ground with a little fertilizer, and hope for the best. But if I would nurture things better, I would get a better yield. Some growth is better than no growth. If I were to get a better yield I would learn to love gardening even more. And loving always makes life worth living.

Quilting was done in gold thread. The yarn was machine-couched, and I’m in the process of embroidering the words.


Playing in Green

It’s spring…or at least the weather should act like it.

I pulled out a packet of green and green-blue fiber that I had stashed away. Playing around with composition, thinking about how to quilt it, and what I want it to say.

I get paralyzed by all the options.