Test Block

Today I dusted off my recently purchased specialty ruler and tested it out.


I dug out my ugly fabric fabric no longer in favor with the queen and tried it out.


I need a little more practice to get the points to come together more precisely.

Bottom line is that I really liked doing this, and it is easy. I watched the videos on how to use the ruler and how to piece the blocks and how to square them. Because the curve is so big, you really don’t need pins.  I think my problem when sewing came towards the end of the curve; the quarter-inch seams grew.

Next I need to make two, baby girl quilts. Found a book called Fat Quarter Baby: 20 Crib Quilts for Bundles of Joy!
There are ten quilts for girls and ten quilts for boys. That ought to keep my interest.

Mike’s family came to visit over the weekend. My sister-in-law brought her latest quilt top for me to quilt. So that makes two for me to quilt now.


Finally, I started this flag block and will add some more embellishment to it.

designed by Nancy Johnson-Srebro

designed by Nancy Johnson-Srebro


Echoing and new tops

Yesterday was rainy and gloomy. I had been reading too much news and becoming more depressed about the world and our country. Usually I’m always listening to talk radio or a podcast, but instead I just quilted in total silence. If I had picked any type of music, it wouldn’t have been right either.

Just silence.

Around and around the quilt I went because there’s not too much thinking in echo quilting.

A little more quilting in the center and text, then I think I’ll be finished.

???????????????????????????????Sister-in-law gave me two tops to quilt, one for each of her kids. They picked out the material.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????There’s no deadline for these, but I’m sure she’d like them before they’re thirty.


Lantern Quilt

020Finished quilting my sister-in-law’s quilt top. They will be visiting this weekend so I’ll just keep it hanging in the dining room to see if she notices it. The butterflies or moths were quilted in gold thread since there is a lot of gold in the fabrics.



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