Echoing and new tops

Yesterday was rainy and gloomy. I had been reading too much news and becoming more depressed about the world and our country. Usually I’m always listening to talk radio or a podcast, but instead I just quilted in total silence. If I had picked any type of music, it wouldn’t have been right either.

Just silence.

Around and around the quilt I went because there’s not too much thinking in echo quilting.

A little more quilting in the center and text, then I think I’ll be finished.

???????????????????????????????Sister-in-law gave me two tops to quilt, one for each of her kids. They picked out the material.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????There’s no deadline for these, but I’m sure she’d like them before they’re thirty.



Gold digging 3

???????????????????????????????With the weather hot and humid and not getting a good night’s sleep, I could use a nap right about now.

My Lumiere paints came yesterday, so today I dabbed the white muslin with Pearlescent White. It does give the material a little sparkle. ???????????????????????????????

Once that dries, it will get heat set with the iron. Then I’ll be able to fuse and machine applique these gold scallops.

???????????????????????????????I’ve used Steam A Seam 2 for fusing, but this time I used something from Pellon because that’s what the local quilt store had. It’s Lite EZ-Steam II. The paper was difficult to take off and most of the time the adhesive wanted to separate from the second paper.

???????????????????????????????It’s also suppose to be pressure sensitive so that the pieces will stick to the backing fabric until all the pieces are arranged. Looking forward to seeing if that does as well as the Steam A Seam. Always good to try new things.

???????????????????????????????Thanks for being here.

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Gold digging 2

To continue the process for the Feast Day Home Altar Runner:

I dyed white muslin a golden yellow. As can be seen by the picture, my sample is lighter than the yard of fabric.

A little extra dye was added but not extra water.

???????????????????????????????The next picture shows uneven dyeing around the edges. I need to work on getting the fabric into the dye bath more evenly.
???????????????????????????????The color in the center of the fabric was more even.???????????????????????????????Once I had the pieces cut, I dabbed them with Lumiere Bright gold. After getting the center pieced, I then thought I should have dabbed the white fabric with Lumiere Pearlescent White. So that’s been ordered and I’ll wait until it arrives before I do any further piecing.???????????????????????????????To follow this blog by email, go to the top of the sidebar.

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Gold digging…

is hard work. ???????????????????????????????I’m working on the next home altar runner. Using RIT dye, I dyed  some sample yellows.

???????????????????????????????Picked out the four that I thought could pass as gold. Needing a little sparkle, I took some gold Lumiere paint and dotted the samples.

???????????????????????????????It shows up a little better if I take a picture outside.

???????????????????????????????The plan is to have the runner look something like this:

Feast Home Altar RunnerDesign on EQ6.

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Invisible thread or my gray hair?

Invisible thread or my gray hair?

So Tuesday I go to quilt the Advent altar runner. I have Sulky’s invisible thread in the bobbin and top needle of my machine, and all I get is trouble. There was no problem with the Ordinary Time altar runner, why this time?

So I did a lot of frogging, huffing and puffing, tension-adjusting, and re-threading the machine. After supper I tried a different spool of the Sulky invisible thread thinking maybe the last one was a bad batch. Whatever, it worked.



We’re all good now.

quilt 006


Thanks for being here.