You’re Still the One

Mike and I are celebrating our twenty-eighth wedding anniversary.

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Aw, they're so cute and young.

Aw, they’re so cute and young.


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Shtuff VII


sign in local antique shop

Yes, I’m still working on Laura’s quilt. Did some quilting in the pieced border and didn’t like it, so, I’m ripping it out.
I gave myself new deadline of June 25th. The logic goes that if I finish it by then I can still count it as her 2015 Christmas gift (which was the intention.)  If I finish it after, it’ll be counted as her 2016 Christmas gift.


Last Friday I was cleaning out the tub drain in Laura’s bathroom. Grrross! Should have made her do it. Her hair was wound around the screw that holds the drain cover. So I went down to Mike’s workshop to look for another screw because getting the hair off the other one was taking too long. Again, I should have made her do it.

He’s dangerous with a label maker. One thing about Mike is he’s anal organized.


I tease him about that all the time. There are times when that quality is wonderful and times when it’s irritating. As I was looking for plumbing-related items, I came across a box labelled “Crafty Stuff.” Oh, dear. Is there a side to my husband I don’t know about? What kind of crafty items could be in there? Hot-glue gun? Glitter? Washi tape? I shudder to think! I made a modification to his label:


If you’ve watched The Red Green Show you will understand the reference. Start watching at 13:27.

Finally, a little Show and Tell. Laura and I took an art class at our local Centre for Arts & Artists. Laura likes to draw with pencils, and, of course, I quilt. But I think it’s good to do something different once in a while. It was relaxing and I could have done it all day. The theme was water and sky. Here’s our “masterpieces.”


Photo by Karen King

Show and Tell

My sister came from Missouri to go to the American Quilt Expo with me. There certainly wasn’t the crowd that AQS  (American Quilting Society) draws. It was nice not to bump into people every second.

Anyway, June also brought with her a quilt top that she finished. She’s been working on it since her kids were toddler age. She loves handwork so hand applique is right up her alley and it shows. She has way more patience and discipline than I do, but I want to work on that.


She wants me to quilt it, and then she will give it to a co-worker who will be retiring this year. I have until Thanksgiving.

The pattern is from Piece O’ Cake Designs called Thru Grandmother’s Window.

The applique should definitely be the focal point of the quilt and the quilting should just be there to support it.

Shtuff VI


Found a bat in the middle of the road while on a walk.

Daughter: Can we keep him? Me (thinking): Only if you want rabies.

Daughter: Can we keep him?
Me: Only if you want rabies.


This is so true right now.


found on Pinterest


Welcome to Club 50, Mike. He doesn’t like pictures of himself, yet we must endure having ours taken.


My Trip to Fatima

Today is the Memorial of Our Lady of Fatima. If you want to read what the Catholic Church says about private revelations, then look at paragraphs 66-67 of the catechism.


Back when I was just a few months shy of turning twenty, an ad in our church bulletin caught my eye. A pilgrimage to Fatima, Portugal, was offered for August, 1985.

As I was reading the ad, I was a restless and bored college student. The moment I read this ad I had no doubts that I would go on this pilgrimage. For all of my childhood I’d heard about the Soviet Union and Communism. I had watched the Hollywood version of the apparitions and believed the story.  Just four years before reading the ad, there was an assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II on the 64th anniversary of the apparitions in Fatima. Just six years before reading the ad, my family made the trip to Iowa to see Pope John Paul II.  To think I would be going to the place where the Blessed Mother appeared to three shepherd children made perfect sense to me.

After bringing the idea to my parents and sister, everything  needed to prepare for the trip fell easily into place.  A bit of information is needed before I go on.

Ever since I was young, I had on my right hand a lot of warts on my knuckles. They weren’t that noticeable unless my hand was red from hot water, but that’s it. While I was at the doctor  to get shots for the trip, I asked him about removing the warts. He told me that I had flat warts which are the hardest to get rid of. He could burn them off, freeze them off, scrape them off; the warts would come back. So, no big deal. I thought no more of it.

My sister and I were on our way.


My sister and me at the Banquet of the Kings at the castle of Ourem


Three things happened that are significant to me.

I saw Socialism up close. Our tour guide was a Portuguese university student. We spent a lot of time in one of those big tour buses riding through the hilly countryside. The main trees in these hills are olive trees and cork oak trees. The poor people depended on these trees for their livelihood. We saw many of the cork oak trees on fire or smoldering. Someone asked our tour guide why this was. She said the Socialist have the trees burned and blame someone else. They tell the peasants, who are uneducated, that they will rescue the peasants’ livelihood if they vote for the Socialist party. This left an impression on me.

On the last day of our pilgrimage, we went to a town called Santarem. Here’s a  video (3 1/2 minutes) of the Eucharistic Miracle of Santarem.

I’ve always believed that Jesus is present body, blood, soul, and divinity in the Eucharist. Prior to this trip I had never heard of Eucharistic miracles; so, I had no expectations of what I would see. Like Communion we went in procession to the monstrance. For those who don’t know, a monstrance holds and exposes a consecrated host for adoration. We could kiss the monstrance and/or genuflect, but we could not stand there and look at it because of time. So, really, we just got a glimpse of it. As I headed back to my pew, the thought that it looked like no big deal, popped into my head. I wasn’t impressed. As I entered the pew, my heart started pounding wildly, and by the time I knelt I was sobbing uncontrollably. I remember feeling quite embarrassed. My sister never said anything to me about it during or since the trip.

The fountain near the Cova da Iria


During one of our trips to the plaza at the basilica, we went to the fountain there to fill Our Lady of Fatima-shaped bottles. It was made clear to us that this water was more for spiritual healing not physical healing as at Lourdes. As we stood in line to fill our bottles,  out of the blue, I debated with myself about putting my warty hand in the water. I felt ridiculous thinking about this because there was a girl in our group who had been in a car accident. She came to Fatima seeking physical healing. When it was my turn, I put my hand in the stream of water, filled the bottle, and promptly forgot about the whole thing.


At Thanksgiving or Easter, can’t remember which, the family was discussing medical stuff at dinner. Mom asked if my warts had gotten any worse. I started to say they were about the same when I looked down at my hand to see they were gone! That’s when I told the family the story. In the grand scheme of things it seems like no big deal, but every time I think about this I tear up, and I feel loved by God.  He sent me a hug that just keeps on giving.



Fatima, 1985

Another Exciting Episode From Perkins


Random picture for dramatic effect.


Me: Wow! Your home early.

Daughter: Didn’t you get my text?

Me: No, I had the music too loud to hear the phone. What happened?

Daughter: There was a fire in the kitchen. All the fire trucks were there including HazMat. The fryer caught on fire. It was fairly new. The store is closed for the day.

Me: You think there was much damage?

Daughter: Nah. I went back in for my purse. It was just smokey. Turned off the ovens so my pies wouldn’t burn.

Me: Did they know you went back in?

Daughter: No.

Dang! Girl.

Next day.

Me (texting): Are they having you do a lot of cleaning?

Daughter: No. We had people come in last night to do that. I feel like this week really hates Tom (temp. general manager).

Me: Is he huddled in a fetal position?

Daughter: No, but he locked himself out of his office today.

Me: He probably wanted to go in there to cry. Am I being too hard on him?

Daughter: Probably. I wouldn’t blame him if he wanted to though. He’s been trying to open it with various cards…(sends picture of the door with the cards stuck in it).

Me: MacGyver he’s not.

Daughter: Haha. I know right! Anyway Ronette just came to his rescue.

Me: Now he can go cry. Poor guy.

Daughter: Yes, indeed.

Pardon Me While I Brag On My Man


This is what Mike just finished for me. It’s a cutting table. I could also baste a small quilt on it if needed.

Here’s the ironing table with drawers and cabinets he made a couple years ago.


The next thing he wants to do is make a sewing table. I say ‘wants’ because he came to me with the idea of making sewing room furniture.

It’s amazing to me all the things this man can do. There are very few things he won’t tackle when it comes to the house or cars. It’s not just the hands-on stuff he’s good at; it’s also the brainy stuff which is why he’s good at his day job. He’s even romantic and makes me feel beautiful.

But just in case you go thinking I’m married to Mr. Perfect, he refuses to paint or to wash windows. Well…I think I can handle that part.

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