Memory Quilt


Casey's quilt, 2001

Casey’s quilt, 2001

Projectbed quilt
Approx. queen
Designed by:
Barbara Wolff
Constructed by:
Barbara Wolff, Newton, IA
Quilted by:
Barbara Wolff
Techniques Used
Machine piecing, quilting, machine applique
At age eighteen, the son of my husband’s cousin was killed in a car accident. His mother asked me to make a quilt with his favorite t-shirts and favorite color.  Moved by the thought of losing a child, I wanted to do a little extra and took the liberty of an applique portrait of her son. This would be tricky since I had never done an applique portrait (or since, so far). Some of these kinds of portraits can look a little creepy, but I went ahead anyway. It was agonizing, especially the teeth, and I’m not happy with how I decided to show thinner hair. It’s not very subtle. Overall, it’s good and I’m glad I put it on the quilt. From her thank-you note, his mother seemed to sincerely like it. I hope so.

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