Less Than Two Weeks of July Already?!

Holy Cow! That means the baby shower would have been almost three Saturdays ago, but I couldn’t go. I left it with my sister-in-law last time we were in the area. Took a picture of it in the hotel, but it didn’t turn out well.

I had so much displaced material, so I spent an afternoon sorting it and putting it all in the right places. Also have a pile of things from my mom’s sewing room that I need to sort through. Where do I put it all? Well, I figure I need to organize stuff in the spare bedroom and bring up some things from the basement to put it in the spare bedroom.

Hate that when I’m in the shower I think of things to write about-and I do it  so eloquently. Then when I open up the blog, I’m blankety blank blank.

St. Ignatius of Loyola has been stalking me for the last couple of years. I’ve been reading some books about his spirituality and how to apply it to my life. Currently, I’m reading Sacred Story by William Watson, SJ. So far, so good.

Ignatius came from a dysfunctional family, and he was very sinful. His conversion began while he was convalescing from a horrific battle wound. The only books available to him at that time were the Bible and a book on the lives of the saints. To entertain himself, he would have daydreams about affairs and adventures and so forth. But he also began to have daydreams about the things he could do for God. He then began to notice how he felt after each kind of daydream. The ones of a less than holy nature, as exciting as they were, left him feeling empty and dissatisfied. The holy daydreams left him at peace and joyful.

When he was on his way to a virtuous life, fear gripped him. How could he go on in this virtuous life forever? Could he really give up his old life? What was his new life going to be like? Noticing how he felt, he was inspired to realize that the enemy of his true human nature was trying to draw him away from God. Once he realized this, he continued to strive for a holy life, opened himself to God’s grace, and the fear went away.

So in the last few years I have wanted to make beautiful, inspirational things for families. That’s why it says in my header “Quilting the Seasons to Enhance the Domestic Church”. I’ve come close. I was motivated and making things, but other things in life came up. Perhaps it just wasn’t the right time. Now I find excuses not to get down to the studio/sewing room. When I’m envisioning the things I want to do, I’m at peace. Thoughts do come into my head like: I’m 52 and what I’m thinking of will take too long. I should have been working on this years ago. I’m not going to finish it. I’m too slow. I’ll chicken out. I get noticed I’ll just go hide because I can’t handle the pressure of keeping up the work.

The only way I can do this is with God’s help. I need to confide in Him. Trust Him. Let Him shape my life. If I stick close to Him, He will see to it that I live up to my true nature.