Road Trip

This year my sister and I decided to skip the American Quilter’s Society show because the last couple of years we have been underwhelmed. So, we did our own shop hop. We’ll probably do the AQS show again in a couple of years.


photographer unknown

First shop was Creekside Quilting. My sister had to drop off a quilt frame she inherited from her MIL to a lady who works there. I purchased these fat-quarters:


for a ducky baby quilt



for a butterfly baby quilt

We made our way to Winterset where John Wayne was born. It’s where Fons and Porter got their start.

Piece Works Quilt Shop is one of my new favorites. It’s overwhelming how many bolts of fabric they have.


photographer unknown


My purchases:


Maybe I’ll use these for a new wall hanging in the dining room. The far left fat-quarter would make cute kitchen curtains. This means I’ll have to go back for more. Oh, darn!


They also have their own wine label! This is made at the Covered Bridge Winery. It was pretty tasty.

Lunch was next. We ate at Anything Sweet and More Cafe.


photographer unknown

The moment we walked in I asked myself if this might be a mistake. The place had been a bank at one time because in the corner was a bank vault. I’m not sure how to describe the decor. It looked as if years ago they attempted to make it look like a tea room-dusty silk flowers here and there, an eclectic collection of chairs that could have looked charming but didn’t, empty display cases stashed wherever, piles of files around the register, plastic table cloths. “Tacky” comes to mind. I went to the restroom and found the vault was used as a storage room (which looked unorganized to my eyes.) There was another more open storage area in the same state of disarray, but the restroom was clean. On my way back to the table, I noticed picture frames filled with ribbons from the Iowa State Fair.

The menus were just printed off a regular copier: water-stained and wrinkled. The food was delicious. The waitress and chef were friendly and fun. I had a tomato and ham frittata, and my sister had a broccoli and cheese frittata-each with a simple salad. The chef heard my sister ask me if I liked it. I said I did, and she piped up and said, “I hope so. I won a ribbon for that!” They talked us into dessert by telling us the calories were kept in the vault. We shared a blueberry sour cream pie and a pumpkin bread pudding. Mmmm! The chef won third place out of 192 entries for one of those desserts. I would go back to this restaurant.

Next was the Quilt Museum.


photographer unknown

This was nice. The entrance fee was $6, and we viewed about forty quilts. The theme was star quilts, and they were made between 1880s (?) and 2016. I could have taken pictures, but I didn’t. These will be displayed until January 24, and then they will display art quilts through April.

Next, we headed to Pella, IA. This was about an hour and a half from Winterset. It was a hot drive because my air-conditioner wasn’t working. We were getting sleepy. Also, we were running out of time because most shops closed around 5 or 5:30; so, we skipped a couple of towns that were on our list.

Pella is another quaint town. It was a Dutch settlement so there are a names such as:  Vande Noord, Van Wijk, Hanson, Jansen, and Bruxvoort. You’ll also find tulips, windmills, and dutch letters.

Went to the Quilted Windmill.

Photographer unknown

Photographer unknown

There I purchased:




Finally, you can’t go to Pella without stopping by:

photographer unknown

photographer unknown

Then we headed home. A day well-spent with my sister.





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