Got Something Done

This pattern is going to be used in the quilt class another lady and I are teaching at church.


Projectcrib quilt
Approx. 36″ X 36″
  Traditional “Shoo fly” block using EQ7 “Block to Quilt” feature/ Sailboat, Stars, Rose patterns from EQ7
Designed by:
Barbara Wolff
Constructed by:
Barbara Wolff
Quilted by:
Barbara Wolff
Where: Newton, IA
Techniques Used
Machine piecing and quilting. 

Notes: For Quilt class. DO NOT buy Soft and Crafty 80/20 batting from JoAnn’s. Who likes the antique, crinkly look? I’m getting over it. In spite of the fact that I pre-washed the batting (I’m experimenting with this) as well as the fabric-which I have always done,  these still came out pretty crinkly.

Hope springs eternal that a less expensive brand might surprisingly turn out to work well for certain needs. But this stuff was thin and thinner after washing.

OK, I’ll roll with this and make it apart of the lesson.

I think I should do a little more quilting around the sailboat and stars.







3 thoughts on “Got Something Done

  1. They both look great! I love the quilting, the flowere are beautiful! I have used Joann’s 80/20 batting too, always seems flat even if thicker pile. I would be interested to know what you find that you prefer. Have fun with your class 😊


    • Thanks, Abbie! I’ve used Warm and Natural, Quilter’s Dream, and Hobbs. They’re all nice. I can’t say which I like best. That’s not very helpful, I know. Yesterday I bought some Pellon 80/20 which is low-loft, and it washed up beautifully. I forgot to measure to see how much it shrunk, but it looked like there was hardly any shrinkage. Tomorrow I’ll see how it quilts.

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