Birdie and Foxy Quilting

For one of the Baby Rattle quilts, I have this material:


So I’m going to use Hari Walner’s design for the quilting:


For the other Baby Rattle quilt, I have this fabric:


So I made a continuous-line quilting design based on the fabric:


If anyone has suggestions, let me know.


3 thoughts on “Birdie and Foxy Quilting

  1. I love your choices. Your fox is perfect! I was wondering how you transfer the paper design to your quilt? I have only done basic free motion line sewing but think I am ready to take the plunge to actual shapes! Yours are always so inspiring:)


    • After I got the fox the way I wanted, I put a piece of tracing paper over the drawing and mapped out the continuous-line route. Then I stacked about 16 sheets of tracing paper and stapled them-just enough to keep them from shifting. Then I took the thread out of the sewing machine and with a old, dull needle perforated the line. Now there are 16 stencils. I’ll quilt on each stencil and carefully rip the paper out. Don’t remember where I found that tip. I’ll free-motion something between the foxes-maybe some leaves. That’s wonderful that you’re ready to free-motion shapes!!

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