Shtuff VII


sign in local antique shop

Yes, I’m still working on Laura’s quilt. Did some quilting in the pieced border and didn’t like it, so, I’m ripping it out.
I gave myself new deadline of June 25th. The logic goes that if I finish it by then I can still count it as her 2015 Christmas gift (which was the intention.)  If I finish it after, it’ll be counted as her 2016 Christmas gift.


Last Friday I was cleaning out the tub drain in Laura’s bathroom. Grrross! Should have made her do it. Her hair was wound around the screw that holds the drain cover. So I went down to Mike’s workshop to look for another screw because getting the hair off the other one was taking too long. Again, I should have made her do it.

He’s dangerous with a label maker. One thing about Mike is he’s anal organized.


I tease him about that all the time. There are times when that quality is wonderful and times when it’s irritating. As I was looking for plumbing-related items, I came across a box labelled “Crafty Stuff.” Oh, dear. Is there a side to my husband I don’t know about? What kind of crafty items could be in there? Hot-glue gun? Glitter? Washi tape? I shudder to think! I made a modification to his label:


If you’ve watched The Red Green Show you will understand the reference. Start watching at 13:27.

Finally, a little Show and Tell. Laura and I took an art class at our local Centre for Arts & Artists. Laura likes to draw with pencils, and, of course, I quilt. But I think it’s good to do something different once in a while. It was relaxing and I could have done it all day. The theme was water and sky. Here’s our “masterpieces.”


Photo by Karen King


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