Another Exciting Episode From Perkins


Random picture for dramatic effect.


Me: Wow! Your home early.

Daughter: Didn’t you get my text?

Me: No, I had the music too loud to hear the phone. What happened?

Daughter: There was a fire in the kitchen. All the fire trucks were there including HazMat. The fryer caught on fire. It was fairly new. The store is closed for the day.

Me: You think there was much damage?

Daughter: Nah. I went back in for my purse. It was just smokey. Turned off the ovens so my pies wouldn’t burn.

Me: Did they know you went back in?

Daughter: No.

Dang! Girl.

Next day.

Me (texting): Are they having you do a lot of cleaning?

Daughter: No. We had people come in last night to do that. I feel like this week really hates Tom (temp. general manager).

Me: Is he huddled in a fetal position?

Daughter: No, but he locked himself out of his office today.

Me: He probably wanted to go in there to cry. Am I being too hard on him?

Daughter: Probably. I wouldn’t blame him if he wanted to though. He’s been trying to open it with various cards…(sends picture of the door with the cards stuck in it).

Me: MacGyver he’s not.

Daughter: Haha. I know right! Anyway Ronette just came to his rescue.

Me: Now he can go cry. Poor guy.

Daughter: Yes, indeed.


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