Pardon Me While I Brag On My Man


This is what Mike just finished for me. It’s a cutting table. I could also baste a small quilt on it if needed.

Here’s the ironing table with drawers and cabinets he made a couple years ago.


The next thing he wants to do is make a sewing table. I say ‘wants’ because he came to me with the idea of making sewing room furniture.

It’s amazing to me all the things this man can do. There are very few things he won’t tackle when it comes to the house or cars. It’s not just the hands-on stuff he’s good at; it’s also the brainy stuff which is why he’s good at his day job. He’s even romantic and makes me feel beautiful.

But just in case you go thinking I’m married to Mr. Perfect, he refuses to paint or to wash windows. Well…I think I can handle that part.

Image result for smiley face


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