New Kids in Town

To welcome two brand new members-a boy and a girl- to the world and to the homeschooling group, I’m going to attempt, in a timely manner, to make each a quilt .

So I went to my stash and pulled out these fabrics for the girl’s quilt:


I’m sticking with the colors used in the pattern from one of my books. One of the fabrics is a stripe, and I don’t have any striped fabric; however, I can make do.


I took blue fabric and cut it into a 15″ square. To the wrong side of the fabric, I ironed a 15″ square of freezer paper. Freezer paper has one side coated with wax. Obviously, the waxed side is placed on the fabric, so, when the iron melts the wax, the paper sticks to the fabric. This will stabilize the fabric.

I drew a few lines and colored the stripes with Artist’s Paintstiks. It’s oil paint. I don’t care that the stripes aren’t crisp. The stripes on the fabric in the book look similar.

Because the paint is oil, it will have to cure for about two days. Next, I’ll cover it with parchment paper and heat-set the paint with an iron. That will make it washable.

Now I’m going to cut some more fabric.


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