Yo-yo Maker

Yo-yos will go in the center of these blocks.


They will add dimension and texture.


Yo-yos can be used as embellishments and be embellished with things like buttons and beads.


If they are sewn end to end, you will have a coverlet for a dresser top or bed.

20120830-120428.jpg 20120830-120457.jpg

Stack them and you can make cute critters. These two patterns were from Indygo Junction.


This is a yo-yo maker and comes in about four different sizes and a couple of different shapes like hearts and flowers.


Take the inner disc out.


Cut a piece of fabric that is about 1/2″ bigger than the disc. The lip of the outer disc should face towards you. With the wrong side of the fabric up, place it on top of the outer disc. The inner disc is placed on top of the fabric.


The lines on the inner disc should be inline with the bumps on the outer disc. Snap the inner disc into the outer one.


Trim the fabric to about 3/8″.




With your thumb, keep the fabric down as you’re pushing the needle back and forth.




When you get to the end, overlap the first stitch. Don’t knot or cut the thread!



Put your finger through the hole in the outer disc to push out the inner disc.


Pull the thread to gather the fabric and adjust the yo-yo the way you want it. Knot the thread inside the gathers. Clip thread.



Yay! You have a yo-yo.




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