Into the Woods

Mike and I had another lovely weekend at the cabin.

20160103_100316 - Copy


Here’s the inside, obviously.

20150102_173617 - Copy

There was just enough snow to keep our boots from getting muddy when we went for a hike. After the hike, Mike rested up and then went out again by himself. I slow him down. That’s OK because I did some doodling. I think I’ve come up with a quilt design for Laura’s quilt. Feathers are always a good choice in my opinion.


Mike: What did you do while I was gone? Take a nap?

Me: I was just dozing off when you came back.

Mike: Sorry.

Me: I also did some designing on Laura’s quilt. I’m really dragging my feet about the centers of the wheels.

Mike: Are they appliqued?

Me: Yes!

Mike: You didn’t think I knew that terminology.

Me: (smiling)

Mike: Why don’t you use the round plastic disc thingy to make…(trying to come up with the word)

Me: Yo-yos?!

Mike: Yeah!

Me: I was thinking the same thing. It would be easier and add interest to the quilt.

Just when I think he doesn’t pay attention, he shows me he does. That little cabin got pretty warm!

Image result for smiley face




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