Lenten Reading Notes

The Return of the Prodigal Son (1773) by Pompeo Batoni

7 Secrets of Confession by Vinny Flynn: Secret Five: You’ve Got Mail!

  • Before confession there must be an examination of conscience.
  • In the confessional, one confesses sins, talks to the priest, listens to the priest, prays the act of contrition, accepts the penance, and receives absolution.
  • All rituals of the Church came from the Father and lead us back to Him.
  • All rituals are linked to Jesus, as in the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus fulfills the Father’s plan of mercy for all.
  • Confession takes us to the Cross.
  • As with the Mass, Confession takes us back to Calvary.
  • Calvary is the unique event in history which which does not pass away.
  • We are limited to time and space, but for God who sees everything-the past, present, and future- are all happening at once.
  • Calvary is applied to us at this present time and place.
  • The forgiveness and healing that Christ gave us from the cross two thousand years ago is waiting for us when we go to Confession.
  • It’s like email  someone sends us that waits in cyberspace until we log into the computer and open the email.
  • The good or bad that we do now has an affect on Christ then.

Why the Robin’s Breast is Red

The Saviour, bowed beneath his cross,
climbed up the dreary hill,
While from the agonizing wreath ran
many a crimson rill;
The cruel Roman thrust him on with
unrelenting hand,
‘Til, staggering slowly mid the crowd,
He fell upon the sand.

A little bird that warbled near, that
memorable day
Flitted around and strove to wrench one
single thorn away;
The cruel spike impaled his breast,-
and thus, ’tis sweetly said,
The Robin has his silver vest incar-
nadined with red.

Ah, Jesu! Jesu! Son of man! My dolor
and my sighs,
Reveal the lesson taught by this winged
Ishmael of the skies.
I, in my palace of delight or cavern of
Have plucked no thorns from thy dear
brow, but planted thousands there.

James Ryder Randall


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