Out With the Old

So, I repainted the living room. I was going for something a little different from the white we had. I asked everybody what they thought.

Everybody: It looks…white.

Me: It’s called Chocolate Froth.

Everybody: It looks…white.

Dang! It looks white.

Well, Mike has wanted to make a new entertainment center to replace the two pieces he made about twenty years ago. We waited for Chris to get here so he could help take the bigger piece downstairs. My MEN decided it wasn’t going downstairs. Too heavy.

Me: Wait. Whoa. How did we get it upstairs?

Mike: The movers. Remember, they commented on how solid it was?

Me: That’s right. It was built at the Waukee house. How did we get it upstairs there?

Mike: You and I did it.

Me: How did we do that?

Whoa! That’s before I started swinging kettlebells. I would have been a real weakling then. I honestly don’t remember us hauling that thing up the basement stairs. Yes indeed. When Mike builds something it’s never half-ass. Someone walking past the kids’ playhouse could have ducked in there and been safe from
a tornado barreling through the neighborhood. Took Chris two long days to tear down that playhouse.

Mike: I guess we’ll cut it up.

One piece of the cabinet in pieces.

cabinet in pieces.

Me: It’s OK. I’m trashing the drapes I made eighteen years ago.

faded gold drapes

faded gold drapes

Mike: You made those drapes?

Me: (staring at Mike…glowering, really)

Mike: Oh, yes, I remember…now.

But really, I’m looking forward to new furniture from Mike. He’s got better tools and more experience since the first piece of furniture.

dresser in our bedroom

dresser in our bedroom


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