Thoughts on a Super Bowl Commercial

When I first saw the Doritos commercial, I wasn’t especially impressed. It was sorta funny. I certainly wasn’t thinking, “Wow! that’s a pro-life commercial,” as if the folks at Doritos told their ad agency they wanted to make a pro-life commercial, but I guess it could happen. They inadvertently made a pro-life commercial because it’s obvious to rational people that what is in a human mother’s womb is a human baby. I was more disappointed that a dad was portrayed once again as being shallow.

However, when the nutjobs at NARAL criticized the commercial for humanizing the fetus (baby), my view of the commercial changed. To tick off the right people who must twist themselves into a pretzel for their agendas, well then, I say God bless ya! If a Doritos commercial can visually wake up some people that there is a human baby inside a human mother, then Hooray! It will help more people to make the right choice-Life!


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