Shtuff II



Will I finally finish putting these wheels onto the backgrounds? Seven and a half more to go. I will do it! Maybe I can get something done if Laura goes to Des Moines to see the beau, then she won’t bother me about watching the TV show LOST with her. I’ve already seen it, but she never wanted to until now. She’s hooked.



So I took my machine into The Quilt Block to have it repaired. The lady was guessing an electrical problem. The board in the machine will have to be sent to Chicago. It’ll take about 3 weeks and some bucks. Well, that meant I couldn’t buy any of the pretties in the shop. That’s ok; it was Ash Wednesday after all. Probably a good idea to fast and abstain even from buying stuff that’s not needed at the moment.

Speaking of Ash Wednesday, I wiped my ashes off before going into the mall. On the way out, Laura and I saw a man and girl by the food court offering to put ashes on people’s foreheads. Then I saw a teenage girl with ashes on her forehead. Then I saw a guy interviewed on the news with ashes on his head. I’m feeling kind of bad.



I’ve never had a cat this messy before Holly.

Yes, you. You're messy.

Yes, you. You’re messy.




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