The Rescue of Two Quilts

In my town, the antique mall closed in 2013. The two women who ran it retired. From time to time I’d go there to look around only to find pretty much the same stuff each time. Two sweet, little quilts would always be  there. I’d pick them up, look them over, check the tags, set them down, walk away, and think, “Maybe next time.” I know, I could have negotiated, but I don’t think I would have done well at that. Due to the closing, all prices were lowered fifty percent. Yeah! I rescued them.

What’s the big deal with these two quilts? There’s really nothing spectacular about them. They are not masterpieces. The patterns are traditional and the quilts are plain. If you’re a quilter though or live with one, you know. Quilts are made with a lot of time, money, and love. Now these two were probably made with fabric from something else, but today the cost of quality cotton fabric intended for quilts isn’t cheap.

Quilts aren’t sacred, but you never know how the maker felt about these or who they were intended to comfort. I made a quilt that is super ugly, and I have used it to pull heavy furniture across the floor. I wouldn’t be surprised or hurt if it ended up in the landfill.




20131214-151710.jpg The pink and white one is in pretty good condition. It has a couple seams that need to be restitched. The blue and white is more worn. Both are hand pieced and hand quilted.

Now I have quilt designing software called Electric Quilt. I replicated these on that program. Why? Because I could and wanted to practice.

Pink Basket Antique Quilt

Blue 9-Patch Antique Quilt

Then I decided to make two baby quilts. They now have good homes.







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