Banner Update

I have been slacken in my work on the San Damiano Fraternity’s banner. A deadline to show what progress I’ve made so far is coming this Sunday. This has forced me to get busy. My speed bump has been that my drawing ability has atrophied. It’s not that I’ve ever mastered drawing (I’ve not improved since high school art class), but I’ve done some descent stuff. It’s an area where I need to begin practicing, especially if I want to put people in future quilts.


This is St. Francis’ head. It will be cut out and appliqued, but I don’t know if I want to leave as is or do a little embroidery work on the beard, hair and eyes. Next, I’ll work on the hands and feet.








This is the start of the corpse of Jesus for the cross. I’m not liking it very much.


BannergoldcrossThen the council decided they wanted the cross bigger than I had it the first time. Also, it they want it gold rather than red like their last banner.



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