Round-up Seven


The garden is planted.

My sweet hubby purchased a cultivator to fit onto the weed whacker, and it worked surprisingly well for a 100 bucks.


Here’s a must see artist for realistic fabric sculptured figures

Truly inspiring.




My own hand-dyed fabric.

RIT dyed fabric-Emerald

RIT dyed fabric-Emerald


Playing around on EQ7.

These are just a first rough draft.

greater love2




What the wealth of a billionaire of a chocolate business can do through faith.

Christianity requires social solidarity.  No matter how challenging, even the poor must think of their neighbors—and the wealthy carry a heavier burden.  In his Homily on Lazarus and the Rich Man, St. John Chrysostom warns that anything less is not real Christianity: “he who lives for himself only and overlooks all others, is useless.  He is not even a man and he does not belong to the human race.”

Using this standard, Michele Ferrero was a man larger than life.  He was a man who lived his faith and who lived for others.  Giving people the opportunity for work provided for a richness measured in currency, spirituality and chocolate—arguably a richness that far exceeds what can be measured on the Forbes list.


Happy Birthday to my hubby.


I’m a third of the way to piecing eighteen of these.

whirling wheel


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