Round-up Seven


Side panels for purse

Side panels for purses

Next up are green panels for purses.



A technique going around the blogs for flat blocks is to cover a freshly ironed block with a magazine or ruler until it cools.


Laura's Quilt

Laura’s Quilt

Working on the third block of Laura’s quilt. At this rate, I won’t make Christmas.


4-18-15 004

Something else I’m exploring is doll making techniques. I don’t want to make dolls, but apply some things into a quilt.


So far, no motivation to get started in the garden.


Spent last weekend in my hometown. It was Dad’s eightieth birthday. My sister and I took him out for dinner. We went to a local restaurant that I hadn’t been to in years. I like it mostly for its atmosphere. Click on the picture and it will take you to other photos of the inside.

Photo by Blair C.

Photo by Blair C.

Then on my way out of town, I drove around and took some pictures of some interesting homes that someday, I hope, will be revived by someone.

20150412_131719 20150412_131729 20150412_131747

This place was having an Open House and looked like the inside had been restored.


Since this is still the Easter season, here is a nice timeline of the appearances Jesus made after the Resurrection.



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