Three Projects

The first three months of this year have been busy, so my project schedule is a little off. I have three different things going, and I think I’ll just put it all in one post.

Laura’s quilt has gone through a slight change. Having gone through frustration with making this block, I asked Laura if we could do something different. At this point, I think she doesn’t care but would just like a quilt. She did say she wanted a different border. I went back to finish the original block I had started with the chosen fabric, and it doesn’t look too bad. I’ll just do the whirling wheel or whatever its official name is. There’s only seventeen more to do.whirling wheel

My other project is to make purses for myself and the Christmas Bizarre. Rather than have two different designs for each color which would make 10 designs total, I’m just going to have two different designs for all the colors. Also, I’ll just make all the quilt tops for all the purses at once, then assemble the purses at once. I’m feeling a little relief about that.

purple purses

There’s a trend going on in the quilt world to bust through stashes of fabric. Because I’m just soooo trendy, I decided this would be a good idea. Having so many books, fabric, buttons, ribbons, embroidery thread, etc.; all needs to be put to good use for practice, experimentation, and give-aways.

designed by Nancy Johnson-Srebro

designed by Nancy Johnson-Srebro

frog with border

frog text

text hand-embroidered


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