Ta da!


Finally finished! On February 27th, I finished the quilting and planned to sew on the binding the next day. Laura piped up and said she wanted to hand-stitch the binding to the back for some cash. Cool. So I paid her to do that. I, however, considered my third deadline met.

I could have had this done mid-February, but I became frustrated, a little bored, and couldn’t get myself down to a cold basement to quilt.  So, what to do? Get the EQ7 upgrade and work on the workbooks for two weeks.

Chris did wonder if his Christmas present was to turn into a birthday present. Ouch. He said he needed it because it was a little cold at night. You see, he hasn’t turned on his heat because the other apartments are keeping his warm enough.


Project:  Bed quilt
Approx. 76″ X 92″
60 Pieced Quilt Borders: Mix & Match by Judy Laquidara
Designed by: 
Judy Laquidara
Constructed by
Barbara Wolff, Newton, IA
Quilted by:
Barbara Wolff
Techniques Used
Machine piecing, quilting

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