Test Driving the Whirling Wheel

Yesterday I tested a block for Laura’s quilt. Yikes! It’s a challenge. Let’s just say the first one ain’t pretty.

Here’s how I made the templates for Whirling Wheel.

Whirling Wheel


Printed templates from EQ7.



Laminating Sheet Protectors and permanent double-stick tape


Open sheet protector, put templates face-down on non-sticky side and peel away paper to expose adhesive.


Rub the exposed adhesive to the back of the template sheet.


Lift the sheet protector and place double-stick tape in the center of templates.


Flip to the back of templates, gradually peel back paper, and at the same time rub the sticky side onto the templates.


Cut out the templates.


Trace onto fabric.


Not pretty, but I’ll try it again. It did, however, measure to the right size–not sure how that happened.





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