Plans Interrupted

The plans that I made have already been delayed, but it’s not a big deal. There’s room in the schedule to make it up.

The daughter’s wisdom teeth extraction was planned, making her bag was planned, but the really bad cold I got from dear hubby was not. That slowed things down.

001This time, instead of just making Laura something, I’m having her do the work. I’m just there to guide her. So far three out of nine steps have been done on her bag.

006Then I’ve been back to work on Chris’ Christmas present. When I get bored with it I get to organizing the sewing room.

007See how messy they are?

Then I told Mike about the difficulty with the invisible thread I’m having on the quilt machine. Sometimes the thread wants to get caught on the spool or the thread somehow gets wound around the post and pulls the spool up. It’s a mystery to me how that all happens, but he came up with a little device that has been working so far.

008It ensures that the thread will come straight off the spool up to the thread mast eyelet. He’s so clever.

That’s all for now. Thanks for being here.


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