What a nice finish to a rather hectic  week and a half. Hectic is a bit of an understatement, but I won’t go into the gory details. Maybe traumatic is a better word.

This past weekend was my parish’s craft sale. It’s not a huge event, but a pleasant one. It’s a fundraiser for the Altar & Rosary Society of which I’m a member. We raffle a quilt, sell baked goods, have a white elephant sale, and sell two kinds of soup, beef burgers, cinnamon rolls, and authentic tamales (we have a large Hispanic community). The vendors only pay $10 for their booths and sell mostly small items. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere, and there’s lots of socializing.

???????????????????????????????I introduced something different perhaps too different, but once I explained what these table runners were for they got it. Of course the size I offered didn’t meet most people’s needs, but I told them I could customize it for them.



The Advent runner was most people’s favorite, and they liked running their fingers over it. It has a lot of texture which is why I like quilts.


Feast Day runner

Feast Day runner came in second.


Lenten runner

Lenten runner was about the third liked.


Ordinary Time runner


Passion/Pentecost runner

The Ordinary Time and Passion runners weren’t mentioned at all.

It was fun and I learned things. And to boost my confidence even more, someone purchased all five! Wow. I truly hope it adds to their Domestic Church.








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