AQS and Big Sis

My sister came up to go to the American Quilter’s Society show with me. As we were walking in I realized I’d forgotten to bring my camera. Doh!

So here’s a picture from last year. It looks the same every year from the window.

AQS 2013

AQS 2013

This year we were a little disappointed because there wasn’t anything that really WOWed us-at least not like last year.

That didn’t stop me from spending money. I splurged on an oval ruler set and a wave ruler from HandiQuilter.

Big Sis took pictures of the winners’ circle with her cell phone, so hopefully she’ll send those soon.


handiquilter rulersMy sister brought a dozen eggs from her chickens. She also brought some Indian sweet grass. It smells like vanilla, and it’s going to hang in the sewing room. For my birthday, she made two “trivets” for our teapots. She even made the felted balls.

proudlily.comThanks for being here.


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