Square in Square Quilt

proudlily.com square in squareProject
: Twin-size bed quilt
Size: Approx. 58″ X 85″
Reference/Pattern: Traditional Square in a Square
Designed by:  
Constructed by: Barbara Wolff, Newton, IA
Quilted by: Barbara Wolff
Completed : May, 1998 for Mike’s birthday
Techniques Used: Machine piecing and quilting
Notes: Mike (hubby) has limited specific taste: Symmetry, solids, black, blue, gray, and maybe tan which is kind of pushing it. The print on the fabrics is very subtle.

Here’s the quilt up close after many, many washings. With a six-month old and four-year old by the time I  finished, I only meandered, but clearly I should have put a design in the center squares. Used invisible thread and 100% cotton batting which has made it quite flat. It’s pretty lifeless-looking today.

square in square quilt

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