Continuing the quest and in the meantime…

The post on Monday was about dyeing three reds and getting an unsatisfactory outcome.

So, I tweaked the dye bath and redyed two of the three pieces.

???????????????????????????????While that was soaking, I started on some ATCs (Artist’s Trading Card).

???????????????????????????????I took some stiff interfacing that’s about 1/16″ (just guessing) thick. Covered it with Mistyfuse and then white muslin ironed on top of that. I dotted the muslin with Pearlescent White and sewed on the ribbon which are the colors of the seasons of the Church. On the back I ironed on Mistyfuse and a 2 1/2″ X 3 1/2″ piece  of cardstock.

The dyed fabric soaked overnight then I laundered the pieces.


I’m much happier with the color. Would it look like this if the fabric hadn’t been dyed before this? That’s for the next time when I dye fabric for the Lenten runner.

Back to the ATCs. I’m adding a fleur-de-lis and then I’ll stitch around the edge. On the back I’ll write the my blog address and email.

???????????????????????????????Thanks for being here.

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