Fusing, Fading, and Getting Messy

Let’s see, last post on the Feast Day Runner, I was about to dab Pearlescent White on the white muslin which I did and then heat-set it with a pressing sheet.

??????????????????????????????? I also said in the post that I was trying a new, or new to me, fusible web. The problem I had was peeling off the glossy paper. The adhesive wanted to separate from the matte paper.

Once the adhesive was pressed to the fabric (wrong side) and the shapes cut out, then I peeled off matte paper. I was concerned the adhesive would separate from the fabric since there’s no ironing it to the material as with Steam-A-Seam 2.

???????????????????????????????It worked perfectly. Next I pressed the shapes to the second fabric (right side), and I was able to reposition the shapes as necessary. Finally, when everything looked well-placed, it was time to iron.

Machine appliqued.


I quilted SID (stitch in the ditch) with monofilament thread in the top needle and bobbin.

It dawned on me that since there are two contrasting colors, it should be made sure that there isn’t too much bleeding of dye when washed. So, before adding text and other quilting, I decided to wash it. There was slight bleeding, but it wasn’t splotchy nor did the dye pool in the stitching.

I rinsed it again and let it air dry. The gold had faded and the white was not as bright. It’s not bad. I was thinking of redoing it after the Passion Home Altar Runner and Lenten Home Altar Runner. I’m leaning toward not redoing the Feast Day Runner.

After washing:


Time to get messy.

???????????????????????????????I didn’t plan to dye red samples yesterday.

So when I went to heat the dye bath in the microwave oven, I had to set one of the containers on the counter to open the door. Not sure what happened, but the dye spilled onto the counter, down the cabinet, and onto the floor. Great.


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