Gold digging 3

???????????????????????????????With the weather hot and humid and not getting a good night’s sleep, I could use a nap right about now.

My Lumiere paints came yesterday, so today I dabbed the white muslin with Pearlescent White. It does give the material a little sparkle. ???????????????????????????????

Once that dries, it will get heat set with the iron. Then I’ll be able to fuse and machine applique these gold scallops.

???????????????????????????????I’ve used Steam A Seam 2 for fusing, but this time I used something from Pellon because that’s what the local quilt store had. It’s Lite EZ-Steam II. The paper was difficult to take off and most of the time the adhesive wanted to separate from the second paper.

???????????????????????????????It’s also suppose to be pressure sensitive so that the pieces will stick to the backing fabric until all the pieces are arranged. Looking forward to seeing if that does as well as the Steam A Seam. Always good to try new things.

???????????????????????????????Thanks for being here.

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