Second Quilt-There and Back Again

star-sashed quilt, 1996

star-sashed quilt, 1996


Project: Wallhanging
Size: Approx. 45 X 53
Reference/Pattern: Singer Quilt Projects by Machine/star-sashed
Constructed by: Barbara Wolff, Waukee, IA
Quilted by: Barbara Wolff
Completed : June, 1996
Techniques Used: machine stitched and quilted
Notes: This was a gift to my mother-in-law. She has since passed away and my father-in-law moved to an apartment; it has come back to me. It did make its theatrical debut in one of the plays my sister-in-law worked on.

Below was the first version of the pattern, but the piecing wasn’t very good. I’m glad I still have it because it can be used for quilting practice.

There was actually a quilt I made between this one and the first. I still have it, but it’s really ugly. It’s used for things like dragging large pieces of furniture across a floor or picnics.

It’s sized for a double bed. Scrappy. Partially hand-quilted, partially machine quilted. This is where I learned that I don’t like to do hand quilting. The pattern for the quilting is clamshell. Even though I hadn’t started free-motion quilting yet, the clamshells were large enough to quilt with a presser foot and straight-stitch setting.

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