It’s a MAN!

A bluebird for each child sitting on my kitchen windowsill.

A bluebird for each child sitting on my kitchen windowsill.

One of these little birdies will be flying away.

Yesterday, my oldest packed up a few essentials, set out to put the rest of the money down on his apartment in the big city, and drove off to the west. I had been looking forward to this day because this is what children are suppose to do. They are to become independent.

I will miss him. I will worry about him. I know his strengths and weaknesses; I know what ours have been as parents.

I marvel at what he has done so far in his life.  We gave him the basics, now it’s his turn to seek to improve and become all that God wants him to become. We will continue to remind him of right and wrong. We will encourage him, support him, and advise him. It’s his life! What an exciting time. You have only one life; make it count.

Last night, after we turned in, Mike offered me strawberries. I turned them down because I had brushed my teeth. A look of shock appeared on his face.
“What goes with strawberries?” he asked.
“Champagne?” He pulled two glasses and a bottle of it out of a drawer.
“What happened 1,935 days ago?”  Having no clue, I picked up my iPad to do some calculating. That’s nearly four years ago. Coming up in five days will be our twenty-sixth wedding anniversary, so not that.

Oops, he miscalculated.

“What happened 7,395 days ago?” Again, using the iPad, that came to twenty years ago; so, it must have to do with Chris. He pulled out a bouquet of a dozen roses from under the bed. “Read the card.”



What more can be said?

Thanks for being here.




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