Something New

I’m taking a short break from the baby rattles. This is where I’ve left off: I’ve quilted the foxes and drew in some leaves with a water soluble pen.  So now I’m thinking of stitch-in-the-ditch on the rattles. Probably should have SID first, but when I started the foxes, I had in mind a kind of overall design-which I can still do.


Another avid quilter and I are going to offer a beginners’ quilt class at church. Each of us is making a quilt or two of the same pattern for inspiration. I’m using fabrics I’ve had in my stash FOREVER. One is little boy sailors and the other is little girls having a tea party.


Many years ago I did a one-day camp for kids at the YMCA.

kids camp

That’s my little girly on the far left.

The camp went well since I took the time to really plan. Planning is uncharacteristic for me.



Shtuff VIII

sign in local antique shop

sign in local antique shop


The baby rattles from Fat Quarter Baby: 20 Crib Quilts for Bundles of Joy! are put together. I have a quilt design from Hari Walner’s Continuous-Line Quilting Designs picked out for the pink rattles. I’ll see about making a continuous-line design from the foxes in the blue rattles.



I follow the blog of Tierney Hogan and purchased one of her miniature Kimonos from her Etsy shop. So adorable.



I also purchased two prints from Here’s what I said in Facebook about it.

I’m the owner of two stewardart prints: Emily’s “Loki” and Ian’s “Wonder Woman”! Thanks to these two people for sharing their talent. Laura and I love Emily’s detailed work. Ian’s Wonder Woman got a “Wow! That really looks like her (Lynda Carter)” from Mike.
Back in the 1970s my friends and I played many different TV shows like Big Valley and Bonanza, Charlie’s Angels and Bionic Woman, and our beaus while playing these were the guys from Starsky and Hutch or The Hardy Boys. We did a lot of mixing of shows.
One time though, I was playing Wonder Woman by myself. Dad had a second job on the weekends remodeling homes. This one particular time his boss from the second job was on vacation and left the van with us so Dad could use it. My Dad, being the trusting sort, let me play in the van. I was having a great time “driving” the van and chasing bad guys. I’d do the Wonder Woman spin and pretend to lift the back of the van. After stopping bullets with my golden cuffs, I caught my dad spying on me from the corner of the house. He had a big grin on his face. I. was. embarrassed.
Really, it’s not so much the memory of playing Wonder Woman, but that my dad took joy is seeing his daughter happy and using her imagination.
My oldest child Chris was over Tuesday to do laundry and visit. He’s moving to a new apartment on Saturday. I’m so glad. The one he’s in now is icky. Lately, he’s been driving 30 miles to do his laundry because the machines where he’s living give the clothes a funky smell. After all, he’s recently been smitten by a young woman and doesn’t want to smell funky.
Here’s my babies each texting their sweethearts. They grow up fast!

Completed Quilt and More


Here’s something that I never thought I would have: a design wall! It’s two insulation foam boards from the hardware store. I wrapped cotton batting around them, and Mikey screwed them to the wall. The cotton batting helps the cotton fabric to stick to it.


Matching seams in blocks made from the Quick Curve ruler has improved.

Here is a completed quilt:


Projectcrib quilt
Approx. 37″ X 37″
 Fat Quarter Baby: 20 Crib Quilts for Bundles of Joy! by It’s Sew Emma Patterns
Designed by:
It’s Sew Emma Patterns, “Anne”
Constructed by:
Barbara Wolff, Newton, IA
Quilted by:
Barbara Wolff
Techniques Used
Machine piecing and quilting. Gift for new baby.